Friday, May 7, 2010

***(The castle with the bright blue background is a color copy of Sleeping Beauty)*** This has been what I've been working on lately..homework..projects. I've been doing mostly painting this semester. My friend Rocio always ends up being my guinea pig when I need a model for my projects ( 2nd image---thanks Rocio!!). I haven't painted any live figures nor have I touched oil paints til this semester so I would consider that painting pretty successful. As for the sleeping beauty painting that project took a very, very long time but I had a lot of fun since I got to use all these bright colors. Currently I'm working on a portrait (last image) for my watercolor class..the thought of doing a figure in watercolor made me a little nervous but its actually coming out pretty well, so my fears have settled a bit. It's a favorite picture of mine so I really wanted to do it. There will be more to come!!...

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  1. Hey miss artiste! great blog. is that a self portrait?? i love your work! so is that Rocio in the hammock too?
    hope to see you this summer=)